How To Make A Study Time Table For The SSC CHSL 2018?

How To Make A Study Time Table For The SSC CHSL 2018?

The first and the most important step to crack any competitive exam is creating a study time table. To crack the SSC CHSL Exam 2018 in your first attempt, you should create and follow a study routine. A study routine is very important to pursue your preparations in the right direction. SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2018 requires a focused and dedicated effort to be cracked and a study timetable will help you do so. While making your study timetable, these tips might come handy:

  • Dedicate time to all sections. Even if you are good in any subject, don't neglect it. Give equal attention to all subjects in your time table.
  • Maths and Reasoning sections require more time. You should keep this in mind and provide more time to these sections. 
  • Include a habit of reading newspaper everyday to improve your Current Affairs as well as General English.
  • Also mention some time for Mock Test practice. Practicing question papers is very important to crack the SSC CHSL Exam 2018 in the first attempt.

Its very difficult to study for a long time without a time-table but its even more difficult to follow your time-table for a quite long time. It is seen that students begin with a time table but later find it difficult to stick to it and that sometimes dishearten them. If you are going to make a timetable to crack the upcoming SSC CHSL Exam, then follow these tips.

  • At the begining of anything, we feel energetic and that compells the students to create a gaging timetable for them with most of the time for studies. Soon they realize that its almost impossible to cope up with the time table. So keep that in mind and create a timetable that has a limited time dedicated for studies so that you can follow it for a long time.
  • Mention a time for entertainment in your time table, if you don't do so, you'll put unnecessary pressure on yourself.
  • Keep a margin in your time table for changes so that you can adjust it later.
  • Don't follow someone else's timetable. Make your own rules according to your capabilities and convenience.

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