Preparing for IAS Exam is a hard nut to crack. With proper and strategic approach, you can definitely hit the buckeye and get the most reputed job in central government administration. Every year, thousands of student apply and prepare for the exam but very few of them succeed. It is because of the lack of proper assistance and guidance. The exam requires a very focused and dedicated preparation to be cracked. One should cover each and every topic that falls under the syllabus of IAS Exam.
With the help of successful candidates and extremely experienced teachers, safalta team has developed you preparation tips for IAS Exam. Here you go:

  • Firstly, you should read the exam syllabus and pattern thoroughly. Learn about the number of exams conducted and selection procedure to srtategize your preparation. You can find the detailed syllabus and exam pattern of IAS Exam at safalta education portal.
  • Now begin to prepare the topics one by one. Remember to make a study plan and dedicate appropriate time to all subjects. Make a rough plan and predict a time period for you to complete the entire course.
  • Also make daily timetable. This will help you to learn maximum amount of course everyday. Follow the timetable with dedication and finish the course within the time.
  • Dedicate some time for current affairs section everyday. You should update your general awareness everyday to strengthen your GA. You can't prepare entire month's GA in one day. Learn GA everyday and revise it weekly.
  • IAS preparation is sometimes very frustrating. Keep yourself entertained and motivated. Make sure your environment is study friendly.

Follow these tips and you will figure out that you are moving in the right direction. You can get more help on the topic from competent teachers available on our website. Visit safalta portal and get required maneuver.


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