If you are an IAS Exam aspirant, then you should understand the importance of newspaper reading while preparing for the exam. Newspaper reading helps the aspirant to learn about the current events and happenings of national and international interest. At the same time, reading English Newspapers also helps enhance your comprehension skills. You must remember that 'Whatever is on Newspaper today, will be on question papers tomorrow'. Newspapers are a source of knowledge and the best friend of every IAS Exam aspirant.

How To Read A Newspaper Effectively
Before you begin, you should understand that you should do it in the correct way. Students usually ask that what is the correct way to read a newspaper so that we get the best out of it in the minimum time possible? To get the most out of a newspaper, you should follow a pattern that will allow you to take notes out of the newspaper. Go through the guided manoeuvre provided below to read newspaper effectively and prepare your best for the upcoming UPSC IAS Exam 2018

Casual Reading: Firstly, go through the entire newspaper casually and mark the news that seems important to you. Then, read the important news again. You do not have to go through the entire newspaper in one run and you don't even have to read every news from it. You should learn how to take only the important news from the paper. Initially, it might be difficult but eventually, you will learn.

Take Notes: Keep a notebook and a pen with you when you read the newspaper and make notes. By doing this, you will definitely improve your Current Affairs and with this habit, you won't require any booklet or current affairs magazine to do the same. Though taking notes out of newspaper is a good idea but don't make notes on the first time. If you do so, you will find every news important and you will create a parallel newspaper for you. Make notes, when you are reading the newspaper for the second time, that means only the important news, that you have marked during the casual reading.

Editorials: You must read the editorial pages of newspaper and remember to mark difficult words in English newspapers with pencil or pen. Find those words in a dictionary to improve your vocab. Reading English newspaper is the most appropriate method to improve your English Language, that will help you with IAS Exam preparation. Editorials will also boost your knowledge, for sure.

Make a Routine:  Make a habit to read the newspaper everyday. You should not miss reading the news, anyday. With a daily habit of newspaper reading, you will soon learn how to pick the important news and leave the unimportant ones.

Revise: Revise the notes you take from the newspaper regularly. This will strengthen your Current Affairs and if you don't do so, all of your newspaper reading efforts will go futile.

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