Question 1
The Union government has set up a study group headed by _____ to examine the problems of people along IB, LOC in J&K.

A:Rina Mitra
B:Sunil Ajmera
C:Ajit Doval
D:Rajiv Kumar
Question 2
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) has been awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Where is the headquarters of ICAN?

B:New York
Question 3
In which state, the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) is located?

B:Madhya Pradesh
Question 4
_____ has been appointed as amicus curiae on plea seeking re-probe of Mahatma Gandhi assassination by the Supreme Court (SC)?

A:J S Khehar
B:Arun Kumar Mishra
C:Ranjan Gogoi
D:Amrender Sharan
Question 5
The theme of the 2017 India Water Week (IWW) is?

A:Water for Inclusive Growth
B:Water and Energy for Inclusive Growth
C:Water and Society
D:Water for all: Striving together

Correct Answers

Question 1 = A,Question 2 = D,Question 3 = B,Question 4 = D,Question 5 = B

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