Question 1
To identify key data protection issues in India, which expert committee has constituted by the Union Government?

A:BN Srikrishna
B:R S Rawat
C:Tushar Mehta
D:H R Khan
Question 2
To provide a major thrust to job creation by enhancing India’s exports, which expert committee has constituted by the NITI Aayog?

A:Raghav Yadav
B:Milind Kumar
C:S K Jain
D:Rajiv Kumar
Question 3
The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF-2017) will be hosted in?

B:United States
Question 4
The first Indian to be signed by Australian Basket Team is?

A:Yadwinder Singh
B:Amritpal Singh
C:Amjyot Singh
D:Vishvas Bhriguvanshi
Question 5
The newly appointed Chairperson of National Authority of Chemical Weapons Convention (NACWC) is?

A:P S Chaku
B:Inder Jit Singh
C:Abdul Rashid
D:Dharmendra Singh

Correct Answers

Question 1 = A,Question 2 = D,Question 3 = C,Question 4 = B,Question 5 = B
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