In the ISSF Shooting World Cup being played in Mexico, Akhil Sharon of India, on 10 March 2018, gave a spectacular performance in the 50-meter rifle 3 position (3P) and won the fourth gold for India in the tournament. This is Sharon's first World Cup.

This Gold will be memorable for him as he clinched it in his first World Cup. In this tournament, India is now at the top with 4 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze (9 overall) medals. Besides Sharon, senior shooter Sanjeev Rajput and Swapnil Kusale were also participating in this competition from India. Although both of them did not make any medals their names.

Swapnil Kusale of India achieved 407.2 points and got the sixth place. Sanjeev Rajput was at the second place in the qualification round while Akhil Sharon was at fourth, but finally, he clinched the Gold in the finals.

Sharon, the 22-year-old shooter, snatched gold at the 50 meters rifle 3 position after receiving total 455.6 points. He secured 3.6 points higher than the second-ranked Austrian Bernhard Pickle. Hungary's Istvan Penney secured the bronze medal with 442.3 points.

This is India's fourth gold medal in this World Cup and it has remained on the top of the tournament by winning 9 medals in the tournament.

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