What is "Cold Start" Doctrine?

The ‘Cold Start’ doctrine is the name given to a limited-war strategy designed to seize Pakistani territory by the Indian Armed Forces which confront swift deployment of troops on the western border within days if a situation of a full-blown war arises. In case of a nuclear retaliation from Pakistan, this doctrine aims to allow Indian forces to conduct sustained attacks for prevention. This operation is done by a unified war group in which the various branches of the Indian Army are involved.

How this War-Strategy Come Into Existence?

In the stalemate of 2002 Parliament Attack, when some Pakistan-occupied Kashmiri terrorists attacked on the Indian Parliament, the Indian army took about two months to mobilize and deploy troops on the Pakistan border. 
Due to this type of delay in war situation, Defense strategists started talking about the new theory of the Indian Army, which would enable it to deploy the forces invading full force after a few days' notice, which was necessary earlier.

"Cold Start" is an attempt to draw lessons from this, the Doctrine will help in controlling the situation and taking positions by integrating units near the border in a very short time. This will redound India to bring significant damage to Anti Armed-forces before seeking the international ceasefire. It will also deny Pakistan's justification for speeding up the atomic attack.

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