Transport and Marketing Assistance Scheme for Agriculture Products

A scheme for Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA) for Specified Agriculture Products has been launched by the Union Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The scheme would be included in the Foreign Trade Policy (2015-20).
                 The scheme launched by the Department of Commerce aims to provide assistance for the international component of transportation of agricultural produce to mitigate the disadvantage of higher cost of exporting agriculture products. The step taken by the ministry will help to promote brand identity for Indian agricultural products in the specified overseas markets.

Indo-Bangladesh border Packed by Smart fencing to deter illegal infiltration

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the project BOLD-QIT (Border Electronically Dominated QRT Interception Technique) under the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) along the Indo-Bangladesh border in Dhubri district of Assam to deter illegal infiltration, smuggling of contraband goods, human trafficking and cross border terrorism etc.
            Two pilot projects covering about 71 Kms on Indo-Pakistan Border (10 Kms) and Indo-Bangladesh Border (61 Kms) of Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) have been completed. The stage has been set now for taking up Stage-II and Stage-III covering about 1955 km of the border which cannot be physically fenced.
             The CIBMS project will vastly improve the capability of BSF. Implementation of this project will help in integration of manpower, sensors, networks, intelligence and command and control solutions to improve situational awareness at different levels of hierarchy to facilitate prompt and informed decision making and quick reaction to emerging situations.

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