American Space Agency NASA has given financial assistance to a project to promote Hindi. Videos about many historical and archaeological sites of India have been made under this project. The video has been designed to explain aspects related to science and technology used in the construction of these sites and to teach Hindi.

NASA has undertaken a Star Talk program to promote the study of Hindi, Chinese, Arabic and other languages ​​in the priority of national security. Under this, Ved Chaudhary, Director of the Education Society for Heritage of India, has been given a grant of $ 90,000 (about Rs 63 lakh) in New Jersey. Under the leadership of Chaudhary, videos based on scientific aspects of historic sites of India have been prepared. Among them, it has been told about the scientific techniques adopted in the construction of various sites like Amber Fort, Jaipur, Hawa Mahal, Delhi-based Iron Pillar and Qutub Minar and Chand Bawdi located in Bandikui.

Alok Kumar, who was associated with this project, said that keeping in mind the aspects of science, engineering, technology and mathematics, every video has been prepared with the intention of convincing students from middle school to college. 

With the help of these, students will get an opportunity to learn advanced Hindi. Alok Kumar, who worked as a physics professor at State University of New York, has published several books on Hindu science, mathematics and medicine. The University of Maryland says that many of the high principles and technical know-how of science have been used in the places that Kumar has chosen.

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