Have you ever heard about SCO summit, where our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting today? Let us clear this term. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO) or Shanghai Pact 2019, 19th summit is organising in the Kyrgyzstan capital, Bishkek on 13th, 14th June  2019. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is attending this first biggest event after his re-election.

So, here we discussed it’s work, importance and agenda. 
Founders of SCO

  • SCO was founded by China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in 2001 in Shanghai, China.
  • With time, the organisation has expanded its membership when India and Pakistan Joined SCO as a full time members on 9th June 2017 at a summit in Astana, Kazakhstan.



  • The Heads of State Council (HSC), meets once in a year to review the guidelines & rules and takes the new decision over the major issue.
  • Do criticism regarding human rights violations. 
  • Straightening mutual trust and neighbourliness among the member of the state.


  • SCO has two major issues to focus which is Development and Terrorism.
  • Conducted members to Promote cooperation and coordination against terrorism and external threats.
  • It fights against 3 evils which are separatism, extremism and terrorism. 
  • Moving towards the establishment of a democratic, fair and rational, new international political and economic order.
  • Makes effort to maintain peace, security and stability in the nation.

India is one of the largest energy consuming country in the world so, the membership of SCO is important because many of the SCO countries have huge resources of oil and natural gases which helps India to have greater access of gas and oil projects.

The membership of SCO would be positive and much fruitful in the field of security and economic cooperation for India.

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