Question 1

Under whose chairmanship the 4th meeting of Economic Advisory Council to Prime Minister (EAC-PM) held in New Delhi?
A- Narendra Modi 
B- Arun Jaitley
C- Arvind Panagariya
D- Bibek Debroy  

Question 2 

Which Indian swimmer has become the first Asian to swim across Ocean Seven?
A- Bhakti Sharma
B- Ashwin Menon
C- Rehan Poncha
D- Rohan More  

Question 3 

Kishan Gangolli has won the 13th edition of National Chess Championship for blind. He hails from which state?
A- Karnataka  
B- Odisha
C- Goa
D- U.P

Question 4

The first-of-its-kind Centre for learning Sanskrit language has come up in which city?
A- Lucknow
B- Ahmedabad   
C- Delhi
D- Agra

Question 5

Which union minister has released India’s first-ever Highway Capacity Manual (Indo-HCM) in New Delhi?
A- Arun Jaitley 
B- Nitin Gadkari 
C- Maneka Gandhi
D- Smriti irani

Correct Answer

1. (D) 2. (D)
3. (A) 4. (B) 
5. (B)

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