Q1. Neighbouring country of India, _____ has decided to end reservation in Government jobs.
[A] Nepal 
[B] Bangladesh 
[C] Myanmar 
[D] Bhutan                                           

Q2. At the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018, Bajrang Punia has won gold medal in which men’s freestyle wrestling category? 
[A] 68 kg 
[B] 57 kg 
[C] 60 kg 
[D] 65 kg                                           

Q3. The Indira Gandhi Award For Best Debut Film of a Director at the 65th National Film Awards for 2017 has been given to? 
[A] Mom 
[B] Bhayanakam 
[C] Sinjar 
[D] Irada                                           

Q4. The author of the book “Matmagi Manipur-The first Manipuri Feature Film” is? 
[A] Irom Chanu Sharmila 
[B] M. K. Binodini Devi 
[C] Bobby Wahengbam 
[D] Rajen Toijamba                                           

Q5. An individual can transfer upto 2,50,000 US Dollars abroad in a year under the LRS norms. What does “LRS” stands for? 
[A] Liberalised Remittance Scheme 
[B] Liability Remittance Scheme 
[C] Liaison Remittance Scheme 
[D] Liberal Remittance Scheme                                          


1.(B) 2.(D) 3.(C) 4.(C) 5.(A)

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