Prevail - जीतना
इनमें से कौन से दो कानून प्रबल होंगे, केवल भगवान जानता है। 
Which of these two laws will prevail, only God knows.

Question 1
What is the synonym of Prevail? 

A- Fail 
B- Lose
C- Win
D- Flunk

Question 2 
What is the antonym of Prevail?

A- Misfire 
B- Beat
C- Carry
D- Obtain

Question 3 
Find the near meaning of Prevail.

A- Become
B- Attain
C- Surrender
D- Overrule 

Question 4
Find the near opposite of Prevail.

A- Domineer
B- Abate ----
C- Best
D- Master

Question 5
Who really believes that whoever can ______ in war must be right?

A- Allay
B- Alternate
C- Prevail 
D- Surrender

Correct Answer

1. (C) 2. (A)
3. (D) 4. (B) 
5. (C)

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