Substantive - सत्य
उदाहरण - लोकप्रिय गपशप स्तम्भकार का लेख किसी भी सत्य पर आधारित नहीं था, बल्कि पूरी कहानी मनगढ़ंत थी।
Example -The popular gossip columnist's article was not based on anything substantive, she had made up the
whole story.

Question 1
What is the synonym of substantive? 

A- wordly
B- inessential 
C- tangible 
D- procedural
Question 2 
What is the antonym of substantive?

A- option 
B- tangible 
C- real
D- material
Question 3
Find the near meaning of substantive.

A- jejune
B- bitty  
C- option
D- essential 
Question 4
 Find the near opposite of substantive.

A- actual
B- meaningful 
C- palpable
D- reliant 
Question 5
In other 
cases the pronunciation can be ascertained only from the context, as in use, unvoiced for the _____________, voiced for the verb.
A- substantive 
B- citizen
C- duty
D- person
Correct Answer

1. (C) 2. (A)
3. (D) 4. (D 
5. (A)

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