Unfairly - अनुचित
उन्हें इस मामले में अंधेरे में रखना अनुचित है।
It's unfair to keep them in the dark on this matter.

Question 1
What is the synonym of Unfairly? 

A- Fair  
B- Unjust 
C- Just 
D- Impartial

Question 2
What is the antonym of Unfairly?

A- Partial 
B- Biased
C- Unequal 
D- Equal

Question 3
Find the near meaning of Unfairly.

A- wrong 
B- Ethical
C- legal
D- Principled

Question 4
Find the near opposite of Unfairly.

A- Foul  
B- Wrongful 
C- Neutral 
D- Unreasonable

Question 5
You're being ______ to me, Edith.

A- Unbiased 
B- Gorgeous 
C- Unfair 
D- Right 

Correct Answer

1. (B) 2. (D)
3. (A) 4. (C) 
5. (C)

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