Arcane: रहस्यमय

The topic is a bit arcane, and takes some explaining to get readers up to speed to appreciate it.
यह विषय थोड़ा रहस्यमय है जिसके कारण पाठकों को थोड़ा समझाने के बाद ही महत्त्वपूर्ण लगता है।

Synonyms: abstruse, profound, deep, esoteric, hermetic, recondite, erudite, learned, scholarly, academic, pedantic; complex, complicated, hard; darkling, enigmatic, inscrutable, mysterious, mystic, mystical, orphic, uncanny; impenetrable, incomprehensible, unfathomable, cryptic; confounding, confusing, disorienting, mystifying, perplexing, puzzling.
Antonyms: easy, facile, simple, straightforward; comprehensible, fathomable, intelligible, understandable; apparent, clear, clear-cut, distinct, evident, lucid, manifest, obvious, perspicuous, plain, transparent, shallow, superficial.

Q1. What is the synonym of Arcane?
[A] Confounding
[B] Transparent
[C] Shallow
[D] Superficial

Q2. What is the antonym of Arcane?
[A] Deep 
[B] Abstruse
[C] Profound
[D] Apparent

Q3. Find the near meaning of Arcane.
[A] Cryptic
[B] Easy
[C] Facile
[D] Simple

Q4. Find the near opposite of Arcane.
[A] Orphic 
[B] Fathomable
[C] Uncanny
[D] Impenetrable

Q5. People always inquired why the identity of my grandfather was kept ____.
[A] Healthy
[B] Hidden
[C] Arcane
[D] Plain

1.(A) 2.(D) 3.(A) 4.(B) 5.(C)

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