Arduous: कठिन

All the mountain climbers found walking at higher altitudes to be an arduous experience.

सभी पर्वतारोहियों को अधिक ऊंचाईयों पर चलना एक कठिन अनुभव लगा।

Synonyms: hard, Augean, backbreaking, challenging, demanding, difficult, effortful, exacting, formidable, grueling, heavy, hellacious, herculean, killer, laborious, moiling, murderous, pick-and-shovel, rigorous, rough, rugged, severe, stiff, strenuous, sweaty, tall, testing, toilsome, tough, uphill.

Antonyms: achievable, clear, doable, elementary, manageable, uncomplicated; comforting, gentle, painless, relaxed, smooth, soothing; accessible, friendly, idiotproof, user-friendly, easy, effortless, facile.

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