Mathematics is one of the important section for CTET 2018, which is to be conducted on December 9, 2018. The candidates who have applied for CTET 2018 with Maths and Science specialization need to solve questions based on Mathematics. It is one of the tricky section in all the sections of CTET Question Paper. Proper Concepts and Methods are required to solve the questions. Teaching experts of have prepared 10 questions which are important in point of view of the exam. All the candidates appearing for CTET 2018 should practice the questions provided below and try to score full marks.

1. The smallest prime number is

(A) 0 
(B) 1
(C) 2 
(D) 3

2. The HCF and LCM of first three consecutive even numbers will be

(A) 1 and 6
(B) 2 and 6
(C) 1 and 12 
(D) 2 and 12

3.  If the first day of a leap year is Tuesday, then the last day of that year would be

(A) Wednesday 
(B) Tuesday
(C) Monday 
(D) Sunday

4. The hour-hand clock will rotate in 30 min by an angle of

(A) 10° 
(B) 15°
(C) 30° 
(D) 180°

5. If x % of x is 36, then x is equal to

(A) 45 
(B) 50
(C) 60 
(D) 75

6. The inductive method of Mathematics teaching is based on the principle

(A) from unknown to unknown
(B) form unknown to known
(C) from general to particular
(D) from particular to general

7. Mohan told her mother that he has saved rupees eleven thousand eleven hundred eleven in his cash-box. This amount is

(A) Rs. 1111.00 
(B) Rs. 12111.00
(C) Rs. 11121.00 
(D) Rs 111111.0

8. 100 oranges are bought for ` 400 and sold at the rate of Rs. 60 per dozen. The profit percent is

(A) 15 
(B) 20
(C) 25
(D) 30

9. A farmer deposited ` 200 in mini bank at the rale of simple interest 10 paise per rupee half-yearly. After one and half years, the bank will return to him a total amount of

(A) Rs. 240 
(B) Rs. 260
(C) Rs 275 
(D) Rs. 300

10. What time is 5 h 28 min before 3:21 pm?

(A) 9 : 53 pm 
(B) 9 : 49 am
(C) 9 : 07 pm 
(D) 9 : 53 am

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