Child Development and Pedagogy is one of the essential section in CTET 2018. 30 Multiple Choice Questions would be asked from this section. This section is included in the CTET Question Paper to assess the knowledge of candidates in Child Development, Moral Education, Inclusive Growth. As the name suggest, Child Development a well defined process through which infant develop and pedagogy means process of learning. As a whole, this sections includes questions based on Development of Child and Methodology used for it. We are providing here 10 most important CTET Questions from the exam point of view. The candidates preparing for CTET Exam should practice the questions and give your best in the CTET Exam. The board has already issued the admit card at the official link

1. Which is called the period of infancy

a.  birth to 1 year
b.  birth to 3 years
c.  birth to 2 years
d.  2 to 3 years

Ans. a

2.As per Piaget, a child who is between 2 and 7 years lies in the _______ stage of cognitive development.
a. Preoperational
b. Concrete operational(
c. Formal operational
d. Sensorimotor

Ans a

3. Development of the child succeeds from _______to _______.

a. complex → hard
b. general → specific
c. specific → general
d. simple → easy

Ans. b

4. When adults adjust themselves to the assistance provided by them to facilitate progression of the child from current to potential level of performance, it is known as:

a. Participatory learning
b. Proximal development
c. Scaffolding
d. Collaborative learning

Ans. c

5.  The process which involves the changes from existing schemas to introduce new information is called

a. Adaptation
b. Accommodation
c. Assimilation
d. Egocentrism

Ans b.

6. In middle childhood, speech is more _______ rather than_______.

a. socialized, egocentric
b. egocentric, socialised
c. animistic, socialised
d. mature, immature

Ans a.

7. The child centred education includes
a. handsful on activities for kids.
b. activities that do not include play.
c. children sitting in a corner.
d. learning in restricted environment.

Ans a.

8. In a class, the teacher observed Rudransh playing self-composed music on his keyboard. The class teacher thought Rudransh seemed to be high in _______ intelligence.

a. bodily-kinesthetic​​​​​​​
b. spatial
c. linguistic
d. musical

Ans d

9. When a teacher considers boys better in mathematics than girls, Which trait of teacher is mentioned here?
a. ethical
b. gender biased
c. moralistic
d. right-minded

Ans b.

10. Inclusive education signifies that we should change the_______ to fit the _______.
a. Child / system
b. System / child
c. Environment / family
d. Child / environment

Ans. b

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