Classification means to arrange the items of a given group on the basis of common qualities the items posses and then spot the stranger out. Classification or Dissimilar type of questions are purely based on similarity or similar relationship that exist between the things, objects, words or alphabets. The products are grouped together as per their similarities. Candidates need to pick one out of the group, which do not belong to the same group. It is one of the crucial topics for IBPS Clerk Reasoning Section.

In this type of test five/four words are given out of which four/three are almost the same in nature but the rest one is different from the four/three. The candidate is required to choose this one item which n does not fit into the given group.

Those are the types of questions which we shall consider in classification.

(1) Choosing the odd word.
(2) Choosing the odd pair of words.
(3) Choosing the odd letter group.
(4) Choosing the odd Number/pair of numbers.

Sample Questions on Classification

In the below problems, 5 options are provided in which four alternatives are similar in one or different way. Find out odd options among them.

1. (A) Sky
(B) Star
(C) Planet
(D) Comet
(E) Moon

2. (A) Milk
(B) Orange
(C) Cotton
(D) Snow
(E) Teeth

3. (A) Konark
(B) Madurai
(C) Ellora
(D) Khajuraho
(E) Dilwara

4. (A) Debit
(B) Deposit
(C) Deduction
(D) Extract
(E) withdrawal

5. (A) Mother
(B) Grandfather
(C) Father
(D) Wife

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