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  • The IBPS PO Prelims Exam is conducted on 13 &14 Oct  2018.

  • 100 questions are asked in the Prelims Exam with 60 minutes allowed time.

  • Negative marking is awarded in the Prelims Exam.

  • The difficulty level  of the exam was Moderate.

IBPS PO MAINS EXAM 2018: How to get all correct in Computer Awareness

The IBPS PO prelims exam has begun on 13th October and the candidates are busy taking the faceoff. With the question paper as per expectation, many of the candidates who have a scheduled exam on the later dates, most of them are looking for the examination analysis in order to analyse the level of the exam. The IBPS PO prelims exam is being conducted in four different time slots, two- each in morning and evening. However, experts are saying that the overall difficulty level of this section has been between easy to moderate level.

The first day of the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) PO Preliminary Exam 2018 was also conducted in four-time slots. 
There were in total 100 questions that had to be answered in 60 minutes time.

All the sections, except English Language section, were available in both the language streams- English and Hindi. 

Every correct answer counted 1 mark, while every incorrect answer attempt deducted the overall score by 0.25 marks.

Well! Here is a detailed overview of the day 1 exam for extending a helping hand to the candidates appearing in next consecutive days.

The detailed break-up of IBPS PO Prelims 2018 exam

Section Total Questions Level of difficulty Good Attempts Time Taken
English Language  30 Moderate 17-19 20
Quantitative Aptitude  35 Moderate-difficult 15-17 20
Reasoning Ability 35 Easy-Moderate 20-22 20
Total  100 Moderate 52-58 60

A sectional and overall expected cut-off of IBPS PO Preliminary Exam 2018

Below mentioned is the expected cut-off marks for this year exams:-

Subject  General  SC/ST/OBC
English Language (out of 30) 5-7.5 3-5
Quantitative Aptitude (out of 35) 7.5-9.5 5-7
Reasoning Ability (Out of 35) 10-12.5 7-9
Overall Objective Test (out of 100) 48.5-51.5 OBC:47.5-50.5

English Language

Below mentioned is the tabular analysis of the English language section:-

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty 
Reading Comprehension (Information Circulation based) 5 Moderate
Spot the Error (Sentences was divided into 4 parts, 5th option was No error) 6 Moderate-Difficult
Interchange bold words 5 Easy-Moderate
Fill in the blanks (Single FIB) 5 Moderate
Cloze Test (2 sets-5+1-old Pattern) 6 Easy-Moderate
Phrase Replacement  3 Easy-Moderate


  1. The English Language section of IBPS PO Preliminary Exam 2018 comprised of questions that were based on Reading Comprehension, Spot the Errors, Cloze test, fill in the blanks, interchange words and Phrase Replacement.
  2. The Reading Comprehension was completely based on information circulation. 
  3. The interchanging words questions were having 5 to 6 bold words that were needed to be interchanged for making meaningful sentences.
  4. However, the overall difficulty level of the English section was moderate.

Quantitative Aptitude
Below mentioned is the analytical overview of the QA section:-

Topics Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Number Series (Wrong numbers based) 6 Moderate
Data Interpretation( Line graph based) 7 Moderate
Data Interpretation(Table and Bar graph based) 6 Moderate
Comparison of Variables: Quadratic Equations 6 Easy-Moderate
Profit, Loss and Discount 1 Moderate
Simple Interest & Compound Interest 1 Difficult
Average 2 Easy-Moderate
Partnership 1 Easy-Moderate
Time, speed and distance-Boats and Streams 1 Easy
Algebra-Linear Equation 1 Easy-Moderate
Mensuration (Cylinder based) 1 Easy-Moderate
Age problem 1 Easy
Percentage 1 Moderate


  1. The Quantitative Aptitude section of IBPS PO Preliminary 2018 gave questions from a variety of topics. Some of the commonly asked topics were- Mensuration, Time Speed and Distance, Simple Interest & Compound Interest, Partnership, Age, and Profit, Loss and Discount.
  2. This year data interpretation sets contained a higher number of questions than usual as one set had 6 questions and the other one had 7 questions based on it.
  3.  The overall difficulty level of the QA section was ranging between moderate to difficult.
  4. Since most of the questions were calculative in nature, most of them asked for the approximate value for the answer for the same.

Reasoning Ability

Below mentioned is the detailed overview of the Reasoning section:-

Topics Number of Questions Level of Difficulty 
AR (Data Arrangement- 3 Variable) 5 Moderate
AR (Linear Sitting Arrangement-4 peoples facing North- 4 facing south 5 Easy-Moderate
AR (Floor Arrangement -2 Variables) 5 Easy-Moderate
AR(Sitting Arrangement-Square table/Opposite direction) 5 Moderate
Coding-decoding (set based) 5 Easy
Calendar 1 Easy
Directions (Set Based) 3 Easy
Mathematical Inequalities 5 Easy-Moderate
Odd One Out (Alphabet based) 1 Easy


  1. The Reasoning Ability section of IBPS PO Preliminary 2018 was mostly dominated by the questions based on Analytical Reasoning.
  2. There were two sets of Sitting Arrangement questions with persons facing in the opposite direction.
  3. 3. For the Floor Arrangement, name and orders questions, they were to be placed or arranged on 5 different floors.
  4. Directions based set was a little easier and almost no calculation. 
  5. None of the questions based on Syllogism was asked in the exam. 
  6. The overall difficulty level of this section was between easy to moderate.

The candidates can expect the similar pattern to be followed for the rest of the days and be sure of getting good grid questions. 
Follow your instincts and believe in your preparations and you will definitely get your final fruit.
All the best!

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