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RBI Assistant Recruitment 2018: Tips & Tricks To Top The RBI Assistant Exam 

RBI Assistant Recruitment 2018: Tips & Tricks To Top The RBI Assistant Exam 

It is the dream of every candidate to clear the RBI Assistant Recruitment Examination in the first attempt. With competition always on the rise, there is always a heady race to feature on the merit list of every competitive examination category including RBI Assistant Recruitment 2018. At safalta.com, we have put together a set of tried and tested methods for the interested and eligible candidates who wish to clear the RBI Assistant Recruitment Exam 2018.

Smart Work Over Hard Work
Candidates are advised to opt for smart work over hard work. It is very important for candidates to remember that even with aspirants who have the gift of time it is extremely important, for them to use this excess time judiciously. Candidates should work hard, be it weekends or festivals, it is important for aspirants to grab every opportunity.  

Be Organised
It is always important for aspirants to be organized. Candidates should know the examination pattern in the back of their palm. They should have all their study material, stationery and everything that they would require to study at their disposal. Hence, when the candidate actually begins to study he is not frivolously distracted.

Time Table
Making an achievable timetable is a good start to the process of organized studying. A timetable helps in tracking lost time, building discipline and above all following a system. It is an extremely important step to build a timetable before starting to study.

Time or no time, revision is extremely important for the candidate. A candidate should keep aside a substantial amount of time each day for this important task. Revising on a regular basis helps in the candidate keeping in constant touch with the old syllabus. The candidate will also realize how effective his learning procedure has been, as reflected by his retention capability. Revising on a daily basis would definitely help the candidate perform better during the exam.  

Mock Tests
It is always recommended for the student to regularly test himself on the material that has been studied. This allows the candidate to also learn patience to be able to sit through the entire length of the examination pattern with equal enthusiasm and gusto. A lot of times candidates are tired by the middle of the examination or are not able to focus while answering the latter half of the questions. It is during times like this that sitting for mock tests help immensely. Practice papers, mock tests prepare the candidate for the day of the exam. 

Know your Paper
It is important for the candidate to be well versed with the examination pattern and examination syllabus. This way he/she would exactly know how the paper has been designed, how much time to allow each section and what are the subjects being tested in each section. This would also allow the student to know the cut-off and other details of the exam.

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