UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam 2018: How to Top The IAS Exam

UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam 2018: How to Top The IAS Exam

With just a little over a month left for the UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam to be conducted on 3 June 2018, aspirants should be well into their revision process. The Prelims exam which is of qualifying nature is set to be conducted on 03 June 2018. Aspirants who qualify for the examination would have to appear for the Mains Examination, which is scheduled to be held in September (tentatively) and the Personality Test round thereafter. Successful candidates would then have their name inducted into the merit list of the Civil Services Examination.

It is extremely important for the candidate to realize that with the availability of such limited time, aspirants should have completed their syllabus comfortably and entered into revisions. If this is not the case, aspirants should not start from scratch as this is too late. They should go through the highlights of the important subject matter. Candidates should always remember that the goal of the examination is to top the exam and not just qualify for the next round. 

Time or no time, revision is an extremely important educational process that needs to be followed. Candidates should devout substantial time to revision. A revision would allow the student to get in touch with his stronger sections and also revise his weaker areas. Moreover, a successful revision would allow aspirants to build their confidence level and strategize further his preparation pattern.

Mock Tests
It is extremely important for aspirants to regularly test themselves on the material that has been studied. This allows the candidate to also learn patience to be able to sit through the entire length of the examination pattern with equal enthusiasm and gusto. A lot of times candidates are tired by the middle of the examination or are not able to focus while answering the latter half of the question paper. It is during times like this that sitting for mock tests help immensely. Practice papers, mock tests prepare the candidate for the day of the exam. Mock tests are also a self-evaluating tool and the results should be analyzed in detail.  

Know your Paper
It is important for the candidate to be well versed with the examination pattern and examination syllabus. This way he/she would exactly know how the paper has been designed, how much time to allow each section and what are the subjects being tested in each section. This would also allow the student to know the cut-off  and other important details related to the examination pattern.

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