With Board Exams around the corner, students should be able to use this time to the maximum to be able to give in their best for the Board Exams. We at safalta.com have put together a series of useful tips for students to follow during their CBSE Board Exams.

Revise And Only Revise
Students should realize that the time leading up to the examination is meant for revision only. Students are advised not to start studying new topics as this could confuse them,  or even make them low on self-confidence. This is a very crucial time and students should only devote to revision.

Mock Tests
There is never an end to learning. Students are advised to keep solving as many practice papers, mock test papers and past year papers they can lay their hands on. This way they will be able to self-evaluate themselves and also learn to remain focused during the examinations.

Food-Sleep Balance
The moment there is even a slight hint of pressure, eating and sleep pattern takes the most hit. Students tend to compromise on sleeping and eating habits. They compromise on sleeping their regular hours and end up sleeping for 4 hours or less and they start resorting to junk food as a quick meal. However, that is wrong, students should always remember to maintain a food-sleep balance for maximum output.  

Recreational Activity
Students should resort to a recreational activity or hobby to de-stress themselves from the Board Examinations. Activities such as yoga, meditation or even leisure walk in the park are major stress buster favorites. 

Never Over Plan
It is mere human tendency to think of the outcome even before the examination. The outcome of the result should not be something the students should worry about. The amount of hard work and dedication one puts in should effectively reflect in his results. Students should keep in mind, that the Board Examinations are important but not the end of the world.

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