As we are nearing the Civil Services Mains Examination, it is obvious to be nervous about the last-minute hustles of preparing and revising all that is important. And it should even sound very unreasonable to you if you hear people saying, that these last days are meant to relax, for, you do not have time for procrastination! Make every bit of these last few days count with this quick revision guide for IAS Mains Exam 2018. 

‘'The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand’ – Vince Lombardi 

1.    Be an early riser – An aspiring administrator must practice a disciplined routine in their daily life, which always starts with maintaining a decent sleep pattern. As the age-old saying reads, ‘early to bed, early to rise……’, so must be followed by you! One major reason is that an early riser, who has had a decent 5-8 hours of sleep, will always feel fresher during the entire day, and in your case, you will be able to focus on what you study during the day. Compliment this sleep pattern, with a healthy lifestyle! 

2.    Plan your day – Failing to plan simply means planning to fail! In order to save yourself from falling into a soup, plan your static and dynamic subjects. Now this is the time, when studying anything new or picking up a difficult topic will only make it more complex. So, have a quick look at both the dynamic and static part of the syllabus, see if anything important is there that you missed to study, and if it is of utmost important, try covering it in a quick go through. Keep your notes handy and decide which subject’s notes need to be revised on which day. Allocate days for the revision of each subject from your revision notes. And yes, do not forget to keep a good tab on every day’s current affairs while covering the previous notes of current affairs. 

3.    Try to solve few previous year papers – Now, whichever subject you selected for the day to revise, keep a previous year question paper along with the notes of the same subject to solve. After all the revision done, try to solve a question paper of the chosen subject for the day. This will not only enhance your writing skills at the last moment but will also boost up your confidence level, and will give you a fair idea about the knowledge you have gained as per the exam pattern and the kind of questions asked in Civil Services Mains Exam. 

4.    Give priority to the self-made notes and highlighted points – Self-made notes and highlighted points are those crucial lines that you know are the gist of a story and will sum it all up in the best possible words. Give them a priority in the final revision phase and practice all the related maps, mind-maps, diagrams and other graphical representations for the same. And make sure that you learn by heart all the names, dates, events and historical occurrences. And after covering the revision notes, if the time permits, give a quick look at your standard books also for each subject. 

5.    Take regular breaks – Come back to the reality and understand one thing very clearly – studies are very important at this moment but an excess of anything right now will only confuse you more. Make sure that you find sufficient time to take a walk, speak with your loved ones, get involved in recreational activities which makes you feel fresh and charge up the positive vibes. 

6.    Go out, talk to people and think from an administrative perspective – Now, at this time, along with you knowledge, UPSC will also check your thought process, your personality, as the ultimately goal is to judge your suitability for the administrative positions. So don’t just study, but go out, talk to common people, talk to your peer groups and try to understand their opinions and views on current issues, and then consolidated make your correct opinion as an administrator. Remember, an administrator does not look at problems; rather he/she looks for the logical and realistic solutions of those problems. 

7.    Keep calm, but proactive – Civil Services is one of the most prestigious careers to invest your life into and this is something you should be proud of! Reaching at this stage would not have been a cakewalk and we understand the pressure, but then we are right next to you, holding your hand, to tell you that you are on the right path! With all the dedication, utmost will and a positive attitude you will make it to the best of careers! 

Feels good?

Feeling any calm???

Maintain this calm, because this is just your future and you are going to make it come true! 

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