Do you feel stress and exhaustion end of the day at work?  Don't worry, it is not only you but around 75 percent of the working professionals consider their job as the major source of their stress. Workplace stress affects personal life in many ways. It doesn't only affect metal peace but also disrupts the family life. Professionals in constant hostage of stress tend to take french leaves and avoid working which ultimately affects their organizations.  Before you fall prey to stress and gripped over by negativity, know and learn to use some apps. In this article., we are explaining about these apps. Take a look!      

Self-Help Anxiety Management

It will figure out the main reason behind stress and will suggest you with some ways for overcoming that. This app is equipped with mental relaxation techniques. It will show you the stress-graph when you begin to use it on a regular basis. Thus, it can help you to monitor your stress level and undertake a series of precautionary steps to overcome the problem. This app has been designed by a team of psychologists, computer scientists, and student users.


This app reminds its users the time when they require to take breaks. In this way, it ensures some time for the mind to relax when working in busy working schedules. So,  install and understand how to this app before you start working on a project, or assignment at your work. It will remind you when you are required to take a break. It will keep your refreshed and stressfree that can improve your productivity at work. 


This app helps to develop the skills for dealing with stress in a seamless manner while finding the source of your feeling.  Moreover, it will guide you for turning negativity into positivity. Around 86 percent users of this app are were reported being happier in two months. So, install and understand how to use this app. It will help you to understand the reason behind your stress that can help you to overcome that. 


The corporate meetings are one of the biggest sources of stress. It takes proper planning to organize a meeting which ultimately takes a toll on productivity and time. AgreeDo app helps in reducing these efforts by providing the traditional mode of training.  Before the commencement of a meeting, the participants can add valuable comments. Moreover, it can help the participants in staying focused on the agenda of the meeting. So, install and know the way to use this app if you are working in a corporate company where you are supposed to organize or attend meetings.  


This app shows a wide range of relaxing shapes and soothing patterns which can help you to overcome your stress. Though it seems kiddish the app has an instant effect on stress. So, install and keep this app in switch on mode when you feel stressed and tiresome. 


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