How many of you (women) want to be a Sanskari bahu? Do you wish to welcome a Sanskari bahu for your son or brother? To everyone's surprise, Barkathulla University of Bhopal is about to introduce a short-term course which will instruct and guide girls to be an Adarsh Bahu. The course to prepare you as an Adarsh Bahu will be of 3 months and will be launched from next academic session. 

However, the university has not figured out if the BCA students can write their exam in English or Hindi language but decided to launch a short-term course regarding Ideal bahu. They believe that this course will prove to be a beneficial step towards women empowerment.

Vice-chancellor Professor DC Gupta of Barkathulla University revealed- The main objective behind this 3 months duration course is to make girls aware so that they can adjust to the new environment after marriage". On further explaining, Prof Gupta told that "As a University, we have a few responsibilities towards society, as well." The core aim is to prepare the Adarsh brides who will keep the families intact. 

When inquired about the content of the syllabus, DC Gupta exclaimed- Being a part of women empowerment, the course will include several topics from sociology, psychology, women's studies. 

He said- the objective of the short-term course is that a girl can be able to understand the dynamics of the families. By taking this step, they are subjected to bring a positive change in the society. 

30 girls will be enrolled in the first batch of the 3 months course. On asking if there are eligibility criteria that need to fulfill to apply for the course, prof Gupta told it is too early to make a remark on this question. If sources are to be believed, the university is likely to take the feedback from the parents of the girls who will complete the course. 

Instead of the fact, Vice-Chancellor is thinking to bring a great change in the society, some educationalists are not convinced about introducing a course that will prepare Adarsh bahus. Women's studies HOD professor Asha Shukla said that she is not aware of any course to be introduced of this kind. While some Educationalist also disclosed that University had failed to continue short-term courses even after admitting students. 

However, we don't know the future of the short-term course to become an Adarsh bahu and how will be the life of those girls who are taking admission in this course, but we do hope the noble step of VC Prof DC Gupta brings a great revolution. 

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