Go English

‘Go English’

Learn how to speak British English with an innovative learning course, developed in London, which gives you the skills you need to get ahead.

The course called Go English, by UK-based language learning experts uTalk, helps set you on the route to success by using three different educational strategies.

This multi-targeted approach helps develop confidence in your verbal and listening skills – essential for both job opportunities and social situations.



Strategy 1:

Interactive learning on an app which can be downloaded onto all major brands of smart-phone, tablet and computer. The app, which features native UK speakers, helps you learn and tests you as you go. There’s a recording feature so you can hear how your accent is improving and memory-boosting games, videos and graphics.

Strategy 2:

A 94-page workbook which guides you every step of the way and structures your learning. It features written exercises, word lists, useful advice and charts so that you can tick off your progress.

Strategy 3:

A weekly face-to-face lesson with a teacher who can monitor your studies and give you personal feedback in a group setting.



This authoritative, confidence-building course runs over 12 weeks and is structured so that you study between five and six hours a week. Its content includes key words and phrases which prepare you for your future career.



a) All the words are voiced by native British speakers.

b) It gives students the confidence to practise spoken English.

c) Its intuitive games give quick results.

d) Students can learn on the move, using the app on their smart phone or other device.

e) All the learning is supported by face-to-face teaching.

f) Lessons are also supported by a comprehensive workbook.

g) Its unique three-fold learning approach gives the ultimate language learning experience.

h) The course is based on uTalk’s 25+ years in the language learning business.



Level one covers four topics:

a) Short Phrases

b) Social Phrases

c) Greetings

d) On the Phone


Level two covers eight topics:

a) Travelling

b) Prepositions

c) Likes and Dislikes

d) Sport

e) Business Careers

f) Emails and Technology

g) Business

h) At Work.


Process of Registration

Once you have bought the Amar Ujala product, registering and unlocking the course content is simple.

Firstly, go to the webpage https://www.utalk.com/amarujala to set up an account by entering your email, name and a password, and using the promo code to be found in your kit.

To login and access the content, you will need to download the app from one of the available platforms – Android, iOS, PC, Mac or the CD containing the setup provided in the Kit..

After you enter your details and promo code and press “Get Started” you will see the instructions showing what to do next:  it will clearly ask you to download the app to continue.

The app can be downloaded via links from the uTalk website https://www.utalk.com/app

After downloading the app/software, you just have enter your login details (email and password) to access the Amar Ujala topics.

If you have previously set up a uTalk account before buying your Amar Ujala course, simply click on the box that says “I have an account”, type in your existing email and password, and your promo code.


Contact Us:

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 Help desk number :- 0120-4694334