Question 1

Information stored in RAM is considered volatile, which means it is

A:stored there permanently
B:not held permanently, only temporarily
C:stored when the electricity is shut off
D:stored when the electricity is cut off
E:None of these
Question 2

The display size of a monitor is measured

D:from center to the furthest corner
Question 3

The name of a Microsoft Office Word document is displayed in both the ........ and the taskbar.

A:menu bar
C:formatting toolbar
D:standard toolbar
E:title bar
Question 4

A limitation of software that digitizes voice data, is that it

A:is prohibitively expensive
B:must be trained to recognize individual voices
C:can only be used on high-end computers
D:cannot be used on laptop computers
E:cannot be used on desktop computers
Question 5

External devices such as printers, keyboards and modems are known as

A:add-on devices
C:extra hardware devices
D:PC expansion slot add-ons

Correct Answers

Question 1 = B,Question 2 = D,Question 3 = E,Question 4 = C,Question 5 = B

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