Days before the CBSE Board Class 12th Economics papers, a social messaging app was flooded with sample handwritten economics papers. The paper reached students as well as the teachers but the teachers didn't smell a rat at that time. After the question papers were distributed to the students, the teachers were petrified to see that the questions asked in the exam were exactly the same as they were in one of the handwritten sample paper circulating over a social networking app.

Allegations of the paper leak were then raised and the Central Board of Secondary Education has finally decided to look into the matter seriously. Some very senior teachers of prominent schools have raised the allegations stating that the digits in numerical were also exactly same as asked in the question paper.

The leaked paper was earlier believed to be the sample paper for practice. A teacher at Gurgaon said that it looked like just another sample paper. Even he makes sample papers for his students. But this was the replica of the original question paper and that is not obvious. He said that he also received the photographs of the handwritten question paper and the Board should look into the matter seriously.

The question paper was distributed to the students and the alleged leaked question paper is exactly the same. A senior CBSE official has said that the board will now conduct an investigation regarding the complaints made by the teachers and students.

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