Kanpur IIT has fixed the fee structure for the session 2019-20. The fee has been raised in all fields except the tuition fees of BTech (Bachelor of Technology), BS (Bachelor of Science), MBA, M.Tech, PhD. Students will have to pay Rs. 2283 extra as compared to last year. Also, the students whose family income is up to one lakh rupees, their full fees will be waived.

Apart from this, the students whose family income is up to Rs 5 lakh annually, will also be exempted from tuition fees. Such students will have to pay Rs. 33,333 as a tuition fee instead of one lakh rupees. The tuition fees for SC / ST, PWD students have also been waived. The concession has also been given in hostel fees for such students. The tuition fees of one semester of IIT is one lakh rupees.

Students have to pay Rs 1275 as Hostel fees. Every year students used to pay a total sum of Rs. 1,02,192 one semester fees, which has now become Rs. 1,03,550. The mess charge has been increased from Rs. 11,200 to Rs. 12,125. 

New Fees Structure:

 Items  Fees
 Tuition    1,00,000
 Examination     300
 Registration   300
 Gymkhana (annual)   500
 Festival Fee  200
 Medical (annual)  50
 Other Facilities   700
 Medical Health Insurance  1,500
 Total   1,03,550

These courses have fixed fees:

 Course  Fees
 MSc   6,550
 Preparation Course   2,200
 MBA   73,550
 Masters (Non-Sponsored)  8,550
 Masters (Sponsored)  28,550
 PhD (Non Sponsored)  6,050
 PhD (Non Sponsored)  28,550

(Note: The hostel, mess charge will be additional.)

Students have to pay fee for these items also:
Admission fees, grade cards, provisional certificates, medical examinations, student welfare fund, modernization, hostel admission, alumni subscription, publication, career development programme. 

Other details:

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