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The Hindu Editorial

Shielding witnesses: on protection scheme

The witness protection programme is at last in place. Pending legislation by Parliament, the Supreme Court has asked States to implement a scheme framed by the Centre to protect witnesses in criminal trials from threat, intimidation and undue influence. Given the abysmal rate of convictions in the country, it is inexcusable that it took so long. Read More...

TOI Editorial

Protecting witnesses: For long they fended for themselves against influential accused. That changes now

The formalisation of a witness protection scheme is a landmark moment with the potential to improve India’s low conviction rates. The failure of many criminal cases after witnesses turn hostile in court and reject the prosecution case epitomises a dysfunctional criminal justice delivery system. Read More...

The Indian Express Editorial

Shoba’s story

Shoba Saju, who lives in Kochi, is an unlikely hero. The misuse of social media upturned her world, but she refused to be the victim. She picked up the pieces. Three years ago, a nude video was circulated on Whatsapp by an employee at her husband’s shop who claimed that the woman in the video was Shoba. Read More...

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