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The Hindu Editorial

Disquieting decision: on CBI tussle

The removal of Alok Verma as Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation is a disconcerting denouement to an unseemly episode. The controversy that began with a public tussle between Mr Verma and Special Director Rakesh Asthana has ended with the former’s removal, although it is couched as a transfer. It was obvious from the beginning that the government did not want him to continue, although it sought to give the impression that it was being even-handed in asking both Read More...

The Indian Express Editorial

January 12, 1979, Forty Years Ago

Several companies of the Central Reserve Police are reported to have been deployed along the troubled Assam-Nagaland border to prevent clashes between the Nagas and Assamese. This follows last week’s incidents in which as many as 50 people were killed in the Sibasagar area of Assam. The two state governments have already sent their forces to prevent recurrence of violence in the disputed area. Read More...

TOI Editorial

With spiritual insight, develop your abilities

Each of us has a mission in this world. The world cannot be boring because there are an infinite number of possibilities in the world. There are arts, beautiful music and architecture… but most importantly, beautiful human beings and societal structures that we create together. The world is not static. Therefore, we should always be optimistic that the future is going to be better than the past. Read More... 


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