4th October had acknowledged many significant events that glorified the world history. Have a look at the article at safalta.com to know some of them. 

• The first complete English translation of the Bible was printed on 04/10/1535 in Switzerland. 

• In 1824, Mexico became the federal republic after adopting a new constitution.

• In 1830, Belgium was formed after getting separated from the Netherlands. 

• In 1853, The Crimean war began when the Ottoman Empire declared war on the Russian Empire.

• In 1854, Abraham Lincoln gave his first ever political speech at Illinois State Fair.

• A patent for the player Piano was received by Edward Leveaux in 1881.

• It was the year 1895 when the first U.S. first open Golf Tournament was organized in Newport, Rhode Island. 

• The Cunard Liner crossed the Atlantic on 4 oct 1909 after traveling for 4 days, 15 hours and 52 minutes.

• In 1915, Dinosaur National Monument was established by Woodrow Wilson in Colorado and Utah.

• In 1957, Sputnik, the first man-made artificial Satellite was launched by the Soviet Union to enter in the Earth's atmosphere. 

• Jimmy Hoffa was elected as Teamsters Union's President in 1957. 

• The British Rails '125' high-speed train went into service between London and South Wales in the year 1976. 

• In 1982, British Sprinter Alan Wells won the finals of Men's 100 meters in commonwealth games which were held in Brisbane.

• 'The Protocol on the Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty' is opened for signature in the year 1991. 

• A 16-year civil war ended by the Rome General Peace Accords in Mozambique in 1992.

• In Washington, DC, Reagan National Airport reopened on 04 oct 2001 which had been closed due to terrorist attacks held in Sept 2001 on the United States. 

• In 2004, SpaceShipOne won the Ansari X Prize of $10 millions for private spaceflight. 

• 4 October is celebrated as the World Animal Day. It is a global event that aims to state the animal rights and welfare. 

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