Like every other day, 03 October has a significance in World History. Many notesworthy events took place on this date that might be asked in the upcoming competitive exams. Read all the historic events of 03 Oct to boost your knowledge.

  • Cardinal Guido elected Pope Coelestinus II in 1143.
  • Willem II of Holland elected Roman Catholic German emperor in 1247.
  • Comet said to predict death of Pope Urban IV is last seen in 1264.
  • Dafydd ap Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd, Wales, becomes the first person executed by being hanged, drawn and quartered in 1283.
  • Jews are expelled from Eger Bohemia in 1430.
  • Battle of Montcontour: Duke of Anjou beats Huguenots in 1569.
  • The Siege of Leiden is lifted by the Watergeuzen and the forces of Admiral Boisot in 1574.
  • Chinese uprising on Philippines, Tondo/Quiapo massacre in 1605.
  • French troops occupy Mardyke in 1657.
  • The Qing Dynasty naval commander Shi Lang reaches Taiwan (under the Kingdom of Tungning) to receive the formal surrender of Zheng Keshuang and Liu Guoxuan after the Battle of Penghu in 1683.
  • English & Dutch army occupies Limerick Ireland in 1691.
  • France & Emperor Karel VI sign peace accord in 1735.
  • The Treaty of Nissa is signed by the Ottoman Empire and Russia at the end of the Russian-Turkish War, 1736-1739.
  • Washington proclaims 1st national Thanksgiving Day in 1789
  • Staedtler Company was founded by J.S. Staedtler in Nuremburg, Germany in 1835.

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