Safalta team has brought you is the most significant events and happenings that took place in India and around the world on 18 October. It is no surprise to tell you that it is not possible to collect each and every happening of World History of everyday, still safalta team is trying its best to provide all the events that are important regarding competitive exams.

  • US takes formal possession of Alaska from Russia having paid $7.2 million in 1867
  • Sardinia king Victor Emmanuel II (49) weds his mistress Rosa Vercellana (36) in Italy in 1869
  • Communist revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh (36) weds midwife Zeng Xueming (21) in Guangzhou in 1926
  • American gangster Al Capone convicted of tax evasion in 1931
  • Latin actress Maria Felix (38) weds actor and singer Jorge Negreta (40) in Mexico in 1952
  • James Watson (US), Francis Crick (UK) and Maurice Wilkins (UK) win the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their work in determining the structure of DNA in 1962
  • Actor Lee Marvin (46) weds radio producer Pamela Marvin (40) in 1970
  • "Fleetwood Mac" member Christine McVie (43) weds keyboardist Eduardo Quintela in 1986
  • Actress Demi Moore (37) divorces actor Bruce Willis (45) due to irreconcilable differences after 13 years of marriage in 2000

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