19 September witnessed many remarkable and worthy to be remembered events in world history. While the women of New Zealand were given the right to vote, Great Britain & Russia signed military agreement today. Many other historical events happened today that you need to know to boost your preparation for various competitive exams. Have a look at them and take notes to improve your knowledge bank.

  • English forces under The Black Prince defeated French at Battle of Poitiers and captured the French King during the Hundred Years War in 1356.
  • Emperor Charles I & England signed anti-French covenant in 1523.
  • Perpignan surrendered to French troops in 1642.
  • Brandenburg & Poland signed Treaty of Wehlau in 1657.
  • Atlanta University was founded in 1865.
  • 8.1 intensity earthquake in Mexico City killed around 10,000 and left 250,000 homeless in 1985.
  • New Zealand became the first country to grant all women the right to vote in 1893.
  • Prussian Forces began seiging Paris in 1870.
  • Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh slammed six sixes in one over to create a world record in 2007.

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