20 September acknowledged some worth-to-know events. While space shuttle STS-64 (Discovery 20) landed on 20 September 1994, FW De Klerk had sworn in as president of South Africa on the same date in the year 1989. There are some more memorable and important events happened on 20 Sept that you must know. So, to help the students to strengthen their history subject for competitive exams, we are enclosing some significant events that happened on this date. 

• Attila the Hun got defeated by General Aetius at the battle of Chalons-sur-Marne in 451.

• Islamic Prophet Muhammad/Abu Bakr arrived in Jathrib, Medina on the present date in 622.

• In 1258, Salisbury Cathedral, England inaugurated which began in 1220. 

• Agnes of Poitou and Andrew 1 of Hungary meet in Burgenland to negotiate about the border-zone in 1058.

• Cardinal Robert of Geneva was chosen as Pope Clement VII, beginning the Papal Schism in the year 1378.

• In 1596,  Governor of Nuevo de Leon, Diego de Montemayor found the Monterrey city in New Spain.

• The Indian rebellion of 1857 ended. 

• Ottawa football club was established in 1876.

• After James A. Garfield's death, U.S. President Chester A. Arthur took the pledge on the morning of 20 sept 1881. 

• The first American made gasoline-powered automobile was road tested in 1893 by Charles Duryea and his brother.

• First FORTRAN program run in 1954.

• Nuclear test was performed at Noyava Zemlya by USSR in 1961.

• In 1973, in the battle of the sexes tennis match, Bobby Riggs lost to Billie Jean King.

• The socialist republic of Vietnam admits to the UN (United Nations) in 1977.

•South Ossetia declared its independence against Georgia in 1990.

• Queen Elizabeth inaugurated new Cunard cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2 (referred as QE 2) on Clydebank, Scotland in 1967.

• In 2003, Clashes flared up in South Philippines when al-Qaida linked militants withstand attempts by government forces to serve arrest warrant against 3 commanders.

• Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansoor Hadi called on for a UN-brokered Political settlement with Shi'ite rebels on 20 sept 2014. 

• Nepal's new constitution into law was signed by President Ram Baran Yadav in Kathmandu in 2015.

• In 2017, Puerto Rico devastated after hurricane Maria landfalls as a category 4 storm. 

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