To provide aid to government job exam aspirants in need, Safalta team is providing the most important events of India and World History daily to help students boost their preparation. In today's history, here are the most important incidents that took place on 22 Nov.

  • Lebanon got its independence in the year 1943 after 23 years of Mandate rule.
  • Professor Amos Sawyer installed as interim President of Liberia in 1990.
  • The Orange Revolution begins in Ukraine, resulting from the presidential elections in 2004.
  • Angela Merkel becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany in 2005.
  • YouTube hosts the largest ever live broadcast, YouTube Live in 2008.
  • 6 attacks across Pakistan kill 37 people and injure 92 in 2012.
  • 2 people are killed and 120 injured after a 100-vehicle pile-up in dense fog in Texas in 2012.
  • Norwegian, Magnus Carlsen defeats Viswanathan Anand to win the 2013 World Chess Championship in 2013.
  • Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona sets a new goal scoring record in La Liga of 253 goals in 2014.
  • In Argentine elections, Mauricio Macri (PRO) wins a narrow election victory over his left-wing opponent in 2015.
  • US President Barack Obama posthumously awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to pioneering computer scientist and Navy Admiral Grace Hopper in 2016.
  • Vanellope Wilkins, born with her heart outside her body, is first UK baby to survive birth and operations to reinsert her heart in 2017.

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