After World War II, many countries of the world framed an idea of establishing an organization to maintain peace and goodwill, and with this coordinated efforts, the United Nations came into existence. The United Nations Declaration was prepared and it was implemented on October 24, 1945. Every year on October 24, United Nations Day is celebrated.

Other important events in History that took place on 24 Oct are as follows:

  • The first official telegraph line between Diamond Harbor and Calcutta started in 1851.
  • Birth of Laxmi Sehgal, officer of the Azad Hind Fauj and great freedom fighter, born in 1914.
  • RK Laxman, the most famous and respected cartoonist of the country, born in 1921.
  • Bonded wages in India were eliminated through an ordinance in 1975.
  • India's First Metro Rail Service Launch the first metro was operated in Calcutta in 1984.
  • Ragging has been banned in educational institutions in Kerala. Later, this evil spread in educational institutions was banned across the country and a campaign was launched against it in 1997.
  • There was a fire in a face-to-face collision between two vehicles within the tunnel of Gothard Road in Switzerland. Ten people died in the incident in 2001.
  • Britain fare supersonic passenger aircraft. The last aircraft of this category flew from Heathrow Airport in 2003. 

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