Here's a list of significant events that happened on 22 September. Safalta portal is hopeful that it will help all the candidates who are going to compete in competitive exams. 

# During the French revolution, the French Republic was proclaimed in 1792. 

# In 1789, an act was granted by US Congress requiring the postmaster general to report to the president. 

# In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issued the first Emancipation Proclamation to set a date to release black slaves in the confederated states. 

# An explosion was acknowledged at Gresford Colliery (wales) killing 266 miners and rescuers in 1934.
# Soviet Union successfully exploded its first nuclear bomb in 1949.

# Peace Corp was established as a permanent government agency after President John F Kennedy signed legislation in 1961.

# A ceases fire was declared between India and Pakistan over Kashmir in 1965. 

# Saudi Arabia boycotted Walt Disney Entertainment company in 1999 while protesting against the Israeli exhibit in Florida.

# The military control was upgraded by the U.S. in Haiti on the same date in 1994.

# President Bush signed a $15 aid package for the airline industry in 2001.

# On 22 Sept 2008, UN nuclear watchdog (IAEA) was asked to remove surveillance equipment from the Yongbyon atomic reactor by North Korea.

# Former president of Taiwan, Shui-bian was indicted on new embezzlement charges in 2009. 

# In order to prevent another financial crisis, The European Union Parliament, in 2010, granted new financial oversight institutions.

# It is said by Lybian commanders that new regime forces were in control of all 3 main towns in Al-Jufra-Oasis on 22/09/2011.

# Sudan approves measures that aim to boost agricultural output and reining in spiraling food services in the year 2011. 

# In 2012, Governor of California Jerry Brown signs a bill to allow nurses to dispense birth control.

# With the objective of increasing trade, Russia officially reopened railway link with North Korea on 22 September 2013.

# To avoid taxes, The Obama administration introduced rules to stop companies which decided to move headquarters abroad in 2014. 

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