In order to enhance your knowledge for the competitive exams, let's take a look at the remarkable events and happening acknowledged on 9 Oct around the world.

# Barak Obama was honoured with Nobel Peace prize 2009 for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people. 

# In 1000, Vinland was discovered by Leif Ericson.

# In 1915, Woodrow Wilson became the 1st president who attended World series game. 

# National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) was formed in 1926.

# In 1930, Laura Ingalls became the first woman to fly across the US after completing the 9-stop journey from Roosevelt Field, New York to Glendale, California.

# Conrad Adenauer elected as West German Chancellor in 1953.

# In 1975, Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Soviet scientist Andrei Sakharov.

# The European community and the Yemen Republic signed a cooperation agreement in Brussels in 1984.

# In 1989, San Francisco Giants won the National League Championship while playing against the Chicago Cubs.

# David Hackett Souter sworn in as US supreme court judge in 1990.

# Isaac Singer patented the sewing machine motor in the year 1885.

# Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson made the longest telephone call in 1876.

# Turkey became the 9th nation to send a token of humanitarian flight to Iraq in the year 2000.

# In 2001, President George Bush appointed Richard Clarke as special advisor for cyberspace security. 

# Space shuttle "Atlantis" was arrived at the international space station which brings 14-tons girder with it in 2002.

# In 2003, Defence Minister of Russia assured NATO that Moscow is not going to adopt a more aggressive nuclear stance. 

# Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen started a 6-day visit to Australia in 2006 to focus entirely on trade and security.

# Founder of India's Bahujan Samaj Party, Khansi Ram died on 09/10/2006.

# President Girma Wolde-Giorgis was reelected in Ethiopian Parliament in the year 2007.

# Google announced the purchase of YouTube for the US $1.65bn in stock in 2006. 

# The names of two islands of New Zealand, both in English and native Maori language, were adopted officially in 2013.

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