We, at Safalta website, are inclined to share significant happenings that took place on 27 of September all over the world. 

• In 1605, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth defeated the armies of Sweden in the Battle of Kircholm. 

• The United States recognized the Republic of China in the significant year 1928. 

• RMS Queen Elizabeth was launched at the John Brown and company yard (Clydebank, Scotland) in the year 1938.

• In 1939, Poland surrendered to Germany just after 26 days. 

• Design made by Zeng Liansong was chosen as the flag of the People's Republic of China in 1949. 

• The British suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst (78) took last breathe in 1960. 

• The Yemen Arab Republic had been established in 1962. 

• France decided to prohibit the entry of U.K. into European common market in the year 1968. 

• 27 September is observed as World Tourism Day since 1980. It was established by UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation). 

• A 7-year contract worth of $15 million was signed by Larry Bird with the Boston Celtics that made him Highest paid Celtic in history in 1983. 

• Federal tax code changes were approved by the U.S. Senate in 1986 which was sweeping since World war ll. 

• Sprinter Ben Johnson was stripped of Olympic gold on 26 sept 1988. 

• In 1991, President of U.S. George H.W. Bush had removed all short nuclear arms from ships and submarines and eradicated all land-based nuclear arms around the world. 

• Afghanistan's capital Kabul failed to opposition Militia In 1996 after 3 days of fierce fighting. 

• Social democrat Gerhard Schroeder was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1998. 

• Zhai Zhingang (CNSA astronaut) became the first Chinese person to perform a spacewalk in 2008. 

• NASA launched space probe Dawn in 2007 which entered orbit around protoplanet vesta on 16/07/2011 and entered orbit around Ceres on 06/03/2015.

• In 2014, Jayaram Jayalalitha, a former actress who became the top elected official in Tamil Nadu, India sentenced to 4 years in prison when the court found her guilty in a corruption case which was filed 18 years ago. 

• In 2014, the Mount Ontake Volcano erupted in spectacular fashion in Central Japan and it was reported 51 people died and 63 got injuries.  

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