To sharpen candidates' memory regarding historic events, Saflta portal is sharing important events that happened on 21st September. 

  • - At the battle of Arques, Henry IV of England defeats the head of the Catholic League, the Duke of Mayenne of France in 1589.
  • - In 1745, Jacobite forces of Prince Charles Edward Stuart defeated a Hanoverian army in 10 minutes. 
  • - To abolish Monarchy, The French National Convention voted in 1792.
  • • Chinese Troops lost to an Anglo-French Force at the battle of Baliqiao in the second Opium war in the year 1860.
  • - In 1933, Mexican Professional Wrestling was established by Salvador Lutteroth.
  • - Communist leaders proclaim the People's Republic of China on 21 sept 1949.
  • - Malta got freedom from Britain in 1964.
  • - In 1966, Soviet probe Zond 5 returns to earth after completing first unmanned trip flight to Moon.
  • - Amin Gemayel was appointed as president of Lebanon in the year 1982.
  • - After 14 years exploration of largest planet of solar system and its moon, $1.5 billion Galileo mission was ended by NASA after in 2003.
  • - High-level Serious Talks was held by two countries, North Korea and Syria in
  •  Pyongyang amidst speculations that both countries might be co-operation on nuclear weapons programs in 2007.
  • - President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy called on United Nations in 2011 to admit Palestine as a non-member state.
  • - In 2012, EDF Energy, the UK arm of France's state Utility commences planning procedures to build a 2nd Nuclear plant in Britain.
  • - The most powerful storm, Super Typhoon Usagi brought heavy rain and ferocious wind to Taiwan in  2013.
  • - In 2014, To encourage the electric car market, several legislations was signed by Governor Jerry Brown, California.
  • -  To protest against the kremlin's Involvement in Ukraine crisis, people in thousands number marched through Moscow in Russia on this date in 2014.

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