Time management is the key to score high in the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam. You must learn how much time you should give to each section during the exam. With proper time management, you will become able to attempt maximum questions and score maximum marks. Dedicate limited time to each section. For example: - 15 min for General Knowledge - 20 min for English - 20 min for Reasoning - And remaining time for Quantitative Aptitude. Also solve the paper in the same sequence. You can also make a time map of which section you are going to solve first then second, third and fourth according to your convenience. You can begin with any section you are comfortable with. Without assigning time to each section you won't become able to finish the exam in time. Don't get carried away if you find any section simple or interesting. Spend only the time you have decided before or will not be able to finish or even attempt all sections. Revision is important Most students don’t revise the topics they have learned in each subject and this is where they make a mistake. Make a habit to revise what you have learned, time to time and write down the important things as your exam notes. The revision will help you to remember the topics more effectively. Manage your time productively to score your best in the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam. You can get exam oriented Study Material here to boost your preparation.

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