Telangana State Public Service Commission is the most youthful Public Service Commission in the nation. The arrangement of choosing youthful ability for open administrations through a procedure of determination was in vogue in the Hyderabad State since the time of Mir Mahaboob Ali Pasha, VI Nizam (1869-1911). Hyderabad Civil Service Committee was built up by the 1919 Firman and the Hyderabad Public Service Commission was set up by a Fireman on 27 April 1947 copying the model of British Provincial Public Service Commission with a Chairman and Members not surpassing four in number. The foundation of the Commission was a critical historic point amid the Asaf Jahi govern and brought the whole authoritative apparatus of common administrations of the Nizam's State tuned into the present day times and Hyderabad Civil Service was viewed as a pined for and world class benefits back then.

TSPSC 205 Civil Assistant Surgeon Specialists Recruitment 2017

TSPSC Lecturers Recruitment 2017

TSPSC Assistant Physiotherapist Recruitment 2017

TSPSC 10 Dental Assistant Surgeon Recruitment 2017

TSPSC 43 Civil Assistant Surgeons Recruitment 2017

TSPSC 67 Forest Range Officer Recruitment 2017

TSPSC 1857 Forest Beat Officer Recruitment 2017

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