Google Doodle is celebrating the 120th birth anniversary of Soviet Director Sergei Eisenstein. He is also known as the 'Father of Montage'. Montage is an editing technique that pieces together series of frames to form a continuous sequence. This editing technique is used in blockbuster movies like The Godfather, The Karate Kid and Fight Club. Sergei Eisenstein was a Soviet artist who made some great movies like Battleship Potemkin, The General Line and Strike. He brought the art of montage to cinema and hence, google doodle is paying tribute to the legend on his birth anniversary.   Google Doodle 22 Jan   Eisenstein influenced generations of filmmakers including Alfred Hitchcock and Brian De Palma. In the Doodle, his lookalike is standing with filmtapes and scissors in one hand, depicting a cut or an edit. The sequencing of a number of images in a continuous loop in the doodle is creating a montage effect. He always believed that montage was the 'Nerve of Cinema'. In 1948, Sergei Eisenstein died of a heart attack at the age of 50.
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